Who we are and what we do

on Sunday, 25 September 2016.

Brinks Security Services provide cash, security systems, and manned security services. The company, based in Nairobi Kenya was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001.

Brinks Security Services provide dependable security and investigative services to you, your family and/or your business. Whether you are protecting your loved ones or your million dollar asset, Brinks Security Services can provide well trained and certified staff to protect and secure your home or business. Our private investigation division is made up of well trained and experienced investigative professionals who will exert every effort and resource to solve your case(s).

Whether you are facing the threat of personal attack, trespassing on your business address or theft of your high-value loads in transit, Brinks Security Services has the expertise and national reach to keep your company safe anywhere in the country.

Using a mixture of professionally trained security personnel and advanced technical hardware, Brinks Security Services can provide the robust security services you need to conduct your business with confidence and in complete safety. 

Contact us today to see how we can keep your organization protected and productive. We can provide security guards for the dual purpose of dissuading those who would trespass on your premises and control access to your business physical location. Brinks Security Services can supply trained and experienced security guards across the whole country.

Investigations & why Brinks

 We have proven and tested experience

● We are cost effective

● We have the technical expertise

● We offer limitless options

We specialize in an array of services under our Investigations division. We will consult with you to uncover what services and/or products best fit your needs.

Below are a few of the areas of investigation that we cover.

● Personal and Employee Background and Screening

● Vandalism

● Trespassing

● Threats

● Fraud

● Workplace Drug Abuse

● Accident Reconstruction

● Family/Domestic Issues

● Strike Coverage

● Undercover Assignments

● Claims and surveillance

● Business and/or Personal Injury

● Internal and/or Corporate Theft

We will also work with you to prevent, avert and manage incidences at your homes/or business premises by providing the following security products and consultancy services:

● Access Control

● Surveillance Systems

● Risk Assessment

● Evacuation Plans

Why alarm services

 We ensure timely response

 Our satellite vehicles are tracked in real time.

 We possess the state of the art alarm equipment.

● Well trained response crew

● We have proven and tested experience

Why our guards.

● Niche service

 We subject to wide range of incentive programs

 We possess customer centric approach

 You can count on our professionalism

 We have proven and tested experience

● Rigorous selection process for our guards

● Intensive training program for our guards

● Excellent kitting

Front office services

● Niche service

 You can count on our professionalism

 We possess customer centric approach

 We have proven and tested experience

● We offer limitless options

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