Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct and Ethics


Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains the personal data Brinks Security processes, how Brinks processes it, and for what purposes.

This statement should be read together with the Terms and Conditions of Use for other Brinks Security Services. Where there is a conflict, this statement will prevail.

This statement applies to all customers, suppliers, agents, merchants, dealers and all visitors frequenting any of Brinks premises.

The code of conduct and ethics outlines the principles and policies that govern the activities of our company and to those who work with us or represent us directly or indirectly, must adhere to. The code of conduct and ethics neither constitutes nor should it be construed to constitute a contract for a definite term or a guarantee of a continued relationship with the company. The company staff annually confirms their commitment to abide to this code of conduct and ethics.

1). Responsibility

Brinks security employees are responsible for maintaining ethical standards in all their dealings within and outside the company, including fully complying with the law and applicable internal regulations. Human Resources Manager, the Chief operations Manager should foresee that these policies are adhered to.

2). Representing Brinks security to our clients.

We commit giving our clients the best services.

3). Privacy/Confidentiality

We protect proprietary and confidential information at all times in accordance with applicable law. We keep client information secure at all times.

 4). Social Responsibility and Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner through identifying and mitigating environmental risks that may arise out of our operations.

5). Workplace Responsibilities

  a. Fair Employment Practices

The company is fully committed to equal employment opportunities and will seek to recruit, develop and retain the best talented people through a rigorous but fair and transparent selection process which shall be based on qualification, experience and suitability. Career advancement shall be based on talent, performance, and individual growth potential and the company shall maintain appropriate processes that support the organization structure, including but not limited to job evaluation and placement, succession planning and reward management.

b. Discrimination and Harassment

The company values a work environment where our employees’ diversity is valued and respected. Sexual or any other kind of discrimination, harassment or intimidation, whether committed by or against a supervisor, co-worker, customer, supplier or visitor is prohibited. Discrimination and harassment, whether based on a person’s race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status is completely inconsistent with our aspirations of providing a respectful, professional and dignified workplace. Any violations should be promptly reported to the management through Human Resource office.

c. Drug-Free Workplace

We commit to maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. Misuse of controlled substances. The sale, manufacture, distribution, possession, use or being under the   influence of drugs intoxicants and alcohol on the job is prohibited.

6. Client Protection

Members of staff shall adhere to the prevailing laws, regulations and/or guidelines relating to client rights. Client complaints and disputes shall be dealt with swiftly and disputes not resolved will be referred to the Directors.

7). Applicable Laws

The laws, regulations and guidelines that governing the company shall complement and apply to this code of conduct and all parties to the code are expected to know and comply with these laws and regulations at all times.